Monday, August 13, 2018

Article: Proposed tennis center redevelopment at Big Creek Park in Roswell not moving forward

Video: Thank you, but the work has just begun 

SUNDAy, August 12, 2018

News Report Video: Roswell Shelves Massive, Controversial Tennis Facility (via

Article: City of Roswell cancels $70M tennis center plan (via Fox 5 News) 

Article: Foundation withdraws plans for massive Roswell tennis center (via

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Additional Information re: Tennis Complex Item at Roswell Mayor / City Council Meeting Monday by Karen Zitomer, Community Relations Coordinator, City of Roswell (via Next Door, .png screenshot for those not on Next Door)


Article: Roswell tennis complex planned as international destination. This initial AJC report was the first public address of the Krause Tennis Center, despite being talked about and voted upon by Roswell City Council the next immediate working day, Monday,  August 13, 2018. 

ArticlePetition to 'save Big Creek Park' from tennis center  (via Roswell Patch)

Later AJC article: Roswell residents voice opposition to tennis center plan  (via AJC)

News report video: Roswell says new tennis complex would be a huge boost. Neighbors don't want it. (via WSB-TV)

News report video: Roswell residents upset over plan for new $70M tennis center  (via 11Alive) 

Article: Opposition arises to proposed tennis center redevelopment at Big Creek Park in Roswell (via North Fulton Neighbor)

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Promotional Video: "Project Yellowball"

The final, edited version of this video has been removed from YouTube since our site went up. We obtained this raw, unedited version from a concerned citizen. In the original, edited version Mayor Lori Henry explicitly states, "we've kept it fairly tight under wraps", "I have not had a single naysayer" and "everyone that hears about it is just so excited." 




leo barber - via petition

"Stone Mountain tried this after the 96 Olympics, now all that's left is a field full of rubble because they couldn't make a tennis center viable. To try the same thing across town while demolishing a public asset in the form of multi use green space that is already bringing in economic impact for Roswell is simply nonsensical!"



MIKE CASTELLE - via petition

"The traffic on Old Alabama (only a 2 lane road) and Holcomb Bridge would be unbearable. The destruction of a well used and much loved nature area is unfathomable when there are other locations that might serve this ... I cannot imagine that this facility would be used at its capacity. I would think most courts would stand unused and a waste of valuable natural space. This is a lofty dream that will have a negative instead of positive impact on the area."