Our Mission:

save big CREEK park.

Join us October 4th at 7pm at East Roswell Recreational Center for a Town Hall to discuss the Krause Tennis Center. More to come as details are made available. 


What's this all about?

OUR MISSION: Save Big Creek Park

Our community rallied and successfully stopped the development of the proposed Krause Tennis Center, but the work isn't finished!  To keep Big Creek Park a protected green space enjoyed by bikers, hikers, walkers and nature lovers, we need to influence city council and the Master Plan for the city of Roswell. 


The future is uncertain. While the Krause proposal has been tabled for the time being, there are no protections in place for the miles of trails at Big Creek Park that we all love and enjoy. 


marcus // roswell // august 10, 2018

I am an avid tennis player, coach and Country Club Director of the largest clay court facility outside of the perimeter (on the same road). I live five minutes from here and know much of the tennis community. I love tennis and want to see it's growth locally and around the world. I SHOULD be a massive supporter of this proposal but nothing about it makes sense!
1. The local community and homeowners don't want it. They want green space
2. The local infrastructure cannot support it.
3.The funding numbers don't add up.$50mill?!!! (Not even close)
4. The local need is not there(open courts are everywhere).
5. Southern regional tennis doesn't need it, look at Rome: can't fill the space or dates, Cooper Creek largely open for large events, Macon, Augusta, Athens, USTA facilities would be cannibalized.
6.Politics:only 4 days to mount a defense for a vote on Monday?
Talking to the real tennis community all day today... nothing adds up but one thing: Publicity.

Quote Source / Change.org



Get Involved

Take 3 Simple Steps to Save Big Creek Park:

1. Write to local leaders and share your vision for the future of Big Creek Park.

2. Attend the City Council meeting Monday, August 13 at 7pm. 

3. Follow @savebigcreek on social media to stay informed! 



Email Mayor Lori Henry and the Roswell City Council.


Add your name to more than 26,000 signatures already collected at Change.org. 


Wear RED and come out TONIGHT to Roswell City Hall to show your opposition to this project.